A walk through the history of the Stralau peninsula

Mentioned for the first time as a fishing village in the 13th century, Stralau became famous in the 19th century for its local festival, the Stralau Fish Haul. The peninsula, with its restaurant terraces, beer gardens, and taverns, became one of the most popular destinations for Berlin residents, as well as the cradle of German water sports. Beginning in the middle of the 19th century, a town emerged on the northern half of Stralau, with industry and commerce and the first tenements. The quiet “village” with the old town church nevertheless remained an idyllic counterpart.

Today, Stralau has been transformed and developed into a modern residential area, a “city on the water.” This path of history leads to the few remaining old buildings that remind us of the past, as well as to other historical sites. An exhibit in the town church describes the history of this house of prayer on the Stralau peninsula.

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